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  • The 9 May 2022

Economic, social and environmental database "BDESE" - The decree specifying the environmental indicators is finally published!


Since the law n°2021-1104 of 22 August 2021, known as the “Climate and Resilience” law, the BDES is renamed BDESE. Its content has been expanded and must now include a tenth information topic relating to “the environmental consequences of the company’s activity”.

The decree of 26 April 2022 specifies the content of the BDESE concerning the environmental consequences of the company’s activity.

In summary, in general and in the absence of an agreement, regardless of the size of the company, the BDESE must now contain the following information

The employer’s general environmental policy (consideration of environmental issues and environmental assessment or certification procedures),
The circular economy (prevention and management of waste production, particularly concerning hazardous waste and sustainable use of resources, especially water and energy),
Climate change (identification of direct greenhouse gas emissions and communication of the volume of these emissions if possible).
This novelty will therefore have an impact on companies at several levels:

Economic, social and trade union training leave becomes “economic, social, environmental and trade union training”,
The recurrent and ad hoc information and consultations of the ETUC will have to include an environmental component.
Companies will therefore have to quickly get to grips with this subject, which the experts mandated by the CSE are already using in the context of ad hoc consultations.



Christine Hillig-Poudevigne

Attorney, Partner
Christine Hillig-Poudevigne