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Your needs are our driving force, we respond to your expectations with a 360° approach. We seek pragmatic solutions that address the issues at stake in a multidisciplinary and global manner.

  • LBO / Fund raising

    LBO /
    Fund raising

    We can assist you in the implementation of your LBO/MBO transactions, fund raising (BSA Air, Seed, Series A and following rounds, preferred shares, bonds (OCA/ORA)) and the drafting of all the documentation required for these transactions (shareholders' agreement, representations and warranties, investment protocol, management package, banking documentation, etc.).
  • Acquisition or sale of companies or assets

    Acquisition or
    sale of companies or assets

    We can assist you in all stages of your acquisition or disposition of companies or assets and the drafting of all the documentation required for this transaction (carrying out an audit, structure memorandum, disposition and acquisition protocol, representations and warranties, shareholders' agreement, management package, etc.)
  • Management Package


    We can assist you in the implementation of schemes or incentive plans for founders, directors and employees of your company and its subsidiaries. We can determine together the schemes that best suit your needs: preferred shares (ADP), warrants (BSPCE), stock options, warrants (BSA), performance units (phantom shares)...
  • Tax compliance

    Tax compliance

    If you have just made an acquisition and discover a significant tax risk that was not identified during the acquisition process or if you discover a significant tax risk during an internal audit, our teams will help you to establish the best strategy with regard to both the liability guarantee, if one exists, and the approach to the tax authorities with a view to the regularisation of the risk.
  • Restructuring, job cuts and changes to employment contracts

    Restructuring, job cuts
    and changes to employment contracts

    We help you to think about the best strategy and the most appropriate tool for your needs. Although everyone knows the famous PSE (Plan de Sauvegarde de l'Emploi), there are also other tools (voluntary redundancy plan, collective severance agreement, etc.).
  • Settlement of disputes

    of disputes

    If you have a dispute, are subject to or want to initiate legal proceedings, we will assist you in developing and implementing strategies to meet your objectives, to assist you and to ensure the protection and defence of your interests.
  • Wealth structuring

    Wealth structuring

    Whether it is for your gift, estate planning or transfer/acquisition projects, we will first carry out a preliminary audit of your situation in order to determine the most suitable strategy in accordance with your specifications, and then carry out all the operations necessary to achieve the objectives set.
  • International and private clients

    and private clients

    We can assist you with all cross-border issues: departure from France, impatriates, international successions, estate planning, all types of foreign income (remuneration, carried interest, foreign pension funds), all types of assets (real estate, financial, works of art). Furthermore, whether you are a trustee, settlor or beneficiary, we can assist you in analysing the French tax consequences of holding assets through a trust, distributing income or capital, or complying with the applicable French tax obligations. Whether it is income tax, IFI or sui generis levy, or tax on transfers for no consideration (by way of gift or inheritance), we can assist you in analysing the situation in the light of the applicable legislation and in determining the applicable tax regime, both domestically and internationally.
  • Structuring your internal and external relations

    Structuring your internal
    and external relations

    If you wish to draw up or adapt your contracts, general terms and conditions, delegations of authority and responsibility to the development of your business, we can work with you to offer you tailor-made solutions in line with your objectives.
  • International development


    In addition to choosing the best structure for setting up abroad, we will help you to put in place the entire tax strategy accompanying your development abroad, particularly in the context of establishing inter-company relations and defining the functions assigned to the various entities in your group.
  • Difficulties with an employee

    Difficulties with
    an employee

    We can help you to manage these situations (financial, HR, industrial tribunal), in particular by assisting you in drafting letters, setting up investigations, imposing sanctions, estimating the financial risks or representing you before all the employment courts.
  • Securing your business

    your business

    If you want to put your business on a sound footing, our expertise and our approach, which is as close as possible to your business and your operational and financial constraints, enable us to secure your projects, anticipate crisis situations and put in place, upstream, customised and adapted solutions.
  • Tax audit

    Tax audit

    We will accompany you from the start of the audit in order to restrict as far as possible the proposals for rectification. We will also assist you during the administrative and, if necessary, the litigation phase. We will assist you in deciding whether to implement a comprehensive tax audit settlement or to litigate.
  • Employment Contracts

    Employment Contracts

    We can audit your contracts and propose clauses that are sometimes better adapted to your situation. We are thinking in particular of clauses on working time  (the famous fixed rate of pay for days in particular!), mobility, remuneration (beware of the variable part),  non-competition clauses and many others.
  • Declarative obligations and private secretarial services

    Declarative obligations
    and private secretarial services

    We assist you in the preparation and filing of your personal declarations as well as those of your asset companies (2072 declarations, IFU, 3% tax, etc.) or foreign trusts and foundations. We are also able to provide your private secretarial services, to act as your contact with your financial institutions or to determine your needs in order to ensure your lifestyle, or to assist you with all the practical formalities in the event of your installation in France or your departure.